Monday, February 13, 2012

Tequila Tour (Photoblog)

Yesterday I took the Famous Tequila Tour in Tequila it included 3 distilleries and alot of sampling. Here is a photoblog about it.

Blue Agave Fields

Blue Agave Cactus where Tequila comes from

The Don Roberto Distillery statue show a Jimador getting the pina  de agave 

The First distillery

after the agave is "juiced" it goes into these fermentation tanks

Then it is cooked/distilled to get the most alcohol out, they let us drink the 110 proof stuff before they added 

All non Blanco tequilas go into these barrels to age

Thats alot of bottles

and these too.

 A view of Tequila Valley. I think they just like to get people drunk, then go climbing.

The Jose Cuervo Distillery

This photo shows how the gods struck the agave with lightning thus creating Tequila "the nectar of the gods"

Main Church of the town of Tequila

The third distillery more shots for the tasting

Disney Approved

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