Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Peace in My Obliviousness

      I, for intents and purposes live in my own world, often refering to myself as Captain Oblivious because I am usually lost in my own thoughts. Most of my thoughts are self sacrificial ones where as I put my pride away and do things to make others days brighter whether its tell them a joke or hand them a compliment, at least I try. In my mind if I can spread a little of my peace to someone else and get them to smile and forget for a second about the things around them I have had a good day. I find this more and more in my relationship with my mother, some people see it as me bending backwards to make her not "freak out" about little things, where as i see it as one less thing she needs to do, if I can help make her day brighter I will.  So back to Obliviousness living inside my head causes me to miss things, preconceived notions are rarely in my head, as are ulterior motives. My honesty and openness  tends to get me in trouble alot, and what may be obvious to you I generally miss. The back motives or little glances, so when dealing with me just be honest because otherwise I will keep trying to make life better for all.

       I am happy living my life and do not mind the sacrifices I have made to live my way so please keep your petty materialistic nonsense out of my aura for it is pure and doesn't need any shit clouding it. I am easy to love and easy to give love because I am a loving creature; without the needless sense of self that makes love difficult. While many fault me as to easygoing  and complacent, and yes I understand I am single because most women want stronger men who will take charge. Well,  that is not me, I am a true partner, one who will do what needs to be done to make someone happy, I am willing to shed who, I am willing to sacrifice my "self" for anyone I love; and while I may die a lonely martyr, I will do so with the hope that I made an impact on my own terms. And if you need something just ask because I will never "get it" if you beat around the bush. Still have no News Years Date any ideas???


  1. hay Dave i realy needed to read this ,i appreciate you and thank you for your blog

  2. your welcome brother, have a good holiday, much love