Friday, April 27, 2012

Challenge Accepted

If I have learned anything about myself in this lifetime, it is that I like to push myself to my mental, emotional, and physical limits. To most this seems reckless, but to me it is more about finding my breaking point. I belive Einstein said it best with "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one", and to myself I want to find the limits of my reality and push myself into a void and darkened realm. How best do you understand insanity, if you have not been insane? Can you really understand what it is to love, without first experiencing true loss?? How can you know what your limits are if you have not pushed against them? With this I have decided once again to challenge/torture myself.

The challenge is to get from Kingman, AZ to my work location in Moran, Wy in 12 days. Seems rather easy, right?

Here are the parameters which I am holding myself to:

1). No public/payed transportation

2). I will have only $20 dollars

3). No purchasing food

4). No asking for anything other than directions

5). No accepting rides over 30 miles

6). No hotels, or motels

7). Only thing that can be purchased is water.

8). No Interstates

9). Must accept all offered things, with the exception of rule 5

This doesn't seems so hard, but we will see. I am taking a pen and paper and will try update this blog as often as I can if not, I will put together an essay when I get where I am going. I leave next Tuesday, Love you all.


  1. I think you have set some really rigid perameters. Just water, alone, can cost you $2.00 for a 16 oz bottle.

    I wish you luck, Buddy!would love to see you before you head north!

  2. Are you allowing yourself to "take" water? You know, fill up a jug in public places?

  3. I will take water and my portable filtration system, but no more than 2 liters can be carried at a time. Hey at least I gave myself shoes, almost did not. Maybe Cindy, only 2 more days.