Saturday, March 31, 2012

Downgrading My T-shirt collection

I have come the realization that I only wear 4 shirts, the same four shirts every week never mixing it up and not wavering. While I do not have a problem with this it brings to light another problem I have, I own 25 T-shirts. Most of them are old and do not even fit any more, I have shed some poundage in the last year, but I have a hard time trying to part with them. They are for all intents and purposes still good just baggy (really baggy). I am clearing all my stuff out of my mothers house and getting ready to hit the road again, so they must go. I lost one storage container for clothes this past winter, that helps in the decision, but still not a fun task. Why are you reading about my t-shirt collection.

I was offered one job this week in Wisconsin, but they want me to work some hours for my site and it puts me really far away from anywhere I want to be. Upon reading another's blog I discovered that Grand Tetons in Wyoming is still hiring and applied there as well after 3 phone interviews, I was tentatively offered a position, as long as my references check out. My fingers are crossed and I hope I get the job and I also hope I do not. You see I long for a return to the west coast and the stealth city life, Dodger dogs and millions of people.

I wish I could focus on a path of action, but right now I am too busy to even write a good blog; I need to get back on the road and have some adventures. has been a failure on most fronts it seems most ladies do not want to date a homeless guy, big surprise. I am in good spirits, though it seems everyone here in Texas is pulling away from me, my mother, her roommates, my dog, and my best friend all seem to want nothing to do with me, or so it seems. I am in a funk. I re-read the blogs from last year and about the same time I was also in a funk, maybe it has something to do with the month, no fucking clue, some days I just sit and zone out.

That's my week in a nutshell, throwing out shirts, alienating people, and feeling sorry for myself. Lost in thoughts and minuscule worries that I know do not really matter, I can survive as I need to.

I love you all and hope you are doing well.


  1. Grand Tetons! What a great place to go :)

    1. Yea it does sound great, I wonder where I got the idea from?? Hmmmm........

    2. What job/company/area of the park is your potential job? Any of the three you're willing to disclose?

    3. Line Cook, Headwaters Lodge. I hope I am not jinxing myself