Saturday, March 3, 2012

Embracing the Hangover

I never liked the term hangover, I think it has negative connotations attached, the word “hang” has a checkered history at best. I prefer carryover because your buzz from last night is carrying over into the next day, it is not a bad thing but a good thing you are starting the day with a buzz so no need to buy that first round in the morning.
I woke up this morning in Tulum with a grapefruit growing out of my head and a sore back. I suppose you would like to know how that is accomplished. Well lets bring everyone up to speed, last weekend in Solferino I slaughted a goat, ate the goat, and Frances and I were joined by several folks; Greg and Dana are a nice French/canadaian  couple who showed up, and stayed the week. They were very nice Greg and I played basketball with the other wwoofers drank beer and chilled. The Knicks, as I will affectionately refer to him from here on out, is a young college student from NorCal who is also a talented musician if you have time check out his page. Nonetheless everyone left or planned to leave yesterday, The knicks hung around and took a ride to Tulum with myself and my wwofing host, who I will refer to from here on out as my Yucatan attorney. My attorney had us make some creative wood scupltupse and tables all week and is planning to sell them in Tulum This weekend, so that is how we got to Tulum. The goal of last night was to attend a reggae concert on the beach, this turned out to be a bust, but I did get good and trashed early and my attorney met some friends and we headed to there house for fire and beach fun. Somewhere along the line I decided to go swimming. While this sounds like a good idea, it was not. The beach at the house was covered in these massive boulders that in my condition were very hard to surpass, I got out my climbing gear and made it to the water, but I did not want to unload my pockets, so instead I swam all naturale. I found my pants and tried to get off of the beach as my attorney and The Knicks guided me there were several headers taken in to various rocks for some reason I do not think they liked the idea of me swimming in thier beach. They did there best to thoughly whip my ass, and this morning I am well away that I was in a fight that I could not have possibly won. I am currently sitting at a hostel with a bit of carry over and bruises wearing a sheet as a dress, but that is a story for another time.

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  1. Carryover. I like it. Maybe a bit benign sounding in your case, but I think it would work well for the amateur party animal:)