Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Never-ending Cycle of Self Abuse

Well I have been in The United States for a week now, since my untimely dismissal from Mexico. I arrived to my mother's  last Thursday night and was informed that my bedroom was no longer availible, it was rented out. My room is my one other comfort space, other than the van and to find out that it was rented was not the best news, I could have received. Friday morning I had to find a room, so I added some Yucatan flair to the garage.

While I assumed my WWOOFing experience was mostly about partying, it turns out, I actually learned something. I got the whole house to chip and try to help start composting. An old coffee can was placed on the counter and everyone started chipping in. Another surprise was I still had that working spirit and decided to build a composting bin, but with funds short; I had to find wood. Idea!! Help the vacant house behind us by removing its falling fence. I used the fence to build my composting bin and helped the community at the same time (double bonus Karma points), hope the new buyers appreciate the hard work I put in to remove part of their fence.
When the composting bin was finished, my work drive died. I will build some raised beds this week and start planting soon. 

     On Wednesday my new juicer arrived. It works good and is only 400 watts, so I can use it in the van.

Product Details I went to the store and loaded up on greens and fruits. My mother agreed to do a juice fast with me, so as of this writing I am 3 days in without food only some drink I like to affectionately  refer to as "green death" and my body is really starting to hate me. I spent the last 12 weeks trying to destroy it and now I am starving it and feeding it something that looks like Incredible Hulk Urine. I am on the juice. 

In other news, I have been rejected by all the campground management companies; I know of and am in serious doubt of my future. My resume looks  suspect because I have been on the road for 15 months with no steady work history. I could put down a fake business name and have my friend pose as the owner to fill those gaps, but I do not know how I would feel about that. The van has been starting fine and is almost ready for another adventure. I will keep on keeping on, applying for jobs, and not caring too much. I know no matter what, it will work out, but I can not help to wonder where I am going next. I have decided to stay in this Central location (Texas) for another week or so in case I find a Midwest or Northeastern job, but if not I am heading west.

I love you all and hope everyone is well. Drop me a line if your bored, I need some new penpals


  1. Go where the wind takes you, my friend.

  2. I also have quite qa few employment gaps in my resume. I normally use the cover letter to explain the cool adventures I was on during those times and employers seem to like that. They always ask me about it before going over my actual work expirience, like the travel itself was a cross between work and education. Have you checked out the Short Term Job Adventure Book and Website? You should.